Beth’s first husband, Bob, and his partner, Linda, joined in us. Regrettably, my first wife couldn’t travel from Florida for the celebration for health reasons.

For Christmas dinner, we had extended family and close friends for a total of 60 people. It was crazy, but it was a ball. See Picture Below!

This is our belated 2018 Christmas Letter – but we did better than 2017 where we missed sending anything! The only travel this year was to visit kids in Houston, TX; San Mateo, CA; Sacramento, CA; and Reno, NV. Reno is a new city for us to visit; Jenny and Nels moved to Reno last year with Addy and Zia. Then sort of moved back to ABQ. And Then moved back to Reno!
Our most exciting event this year was a family reunion, where we had every child, grandchild, and great grandchild along with spouses/partners (39) for Christmas. As many of you know, this is a blended family and a wonderful one
Grand and Great Grand Children
Jim turned 80 this year. Beth turned 76 this year. Wow, are we getting old!

Luca is scheduled to return to the Space Station in June for a 200 day stay.

We are blessed with a wonderful family, wonderful friends and good health and we hope to see many of you in 2019.

Ghost Ranch Goonies
Welcoming Mom!
Beth sings in a  "Peace Choir"