Telecoils are fine strands of copper wire wound into a coil and integrated into the circuitry of hearing aids or the processor in a CI.  Most hearing aids sold today have telecoils as do some CIs.

Most telecoils are controlled with a t-switch  (or “telephone switch”). In some hearing aids the telecoils are activated auomatically by the pres-ence of the magnet in thetelephone ear piece.

To utilize loop technology, your telecoils should have the manual controls.

When telecoils are turned on, they will also sense that same electromagnetic signal emittedby an induction loop and send it on to the circuitry of your hearing aids or CI.  The hearing aids or a CI will then correct that signal for your individual hearing loss patten and turn it into sound for you to enjoy.
Telecoils can double the functionality of your hearing aids, making it possible to hear and understand sounds that were not clear using just the microphones on the hearing aids or CI. 

You can use them in conjunction with a hearing loop Installed in your living room and connected to your TV.   This allows you to hear and understand the dialog on the TV while leaving the volume low enough that others are comfortable with the sound level coming from the speakers.

In looped concert halls, meeting rooms or places of worship that are looped, to hear the proceedings better, simply turn on your telecoils.  Background noise will be largely eliminated as the microphones in your hearing aids or CI are turned off and sound comes only from the telecoil.  A growing number of churches and other  facilitiesare using loop technology to make their activities more accessible to the hard of hearing. You'll find a list of such faciliies elsewhere on this web site.

Telecoils let you hear better on the phone with the added benefit of no feedback.  Use a neck loop with your cell phone and not only can you talk hands free, but often, when using the loop, you can hear and understand what’s said even if there’s loud background noise.  There are also other devices (some using the new Bluetooth technology) that interact with telecoils to make using the phone easy and fun again.

A room or neck loop also allows you to listen to music at the volume you need and not get com-plaints that the music is too loud.


If you were not told about telecoils and induction loops when you purchased your hearing aids, go back to your provider and ask to have the technology explained and demonstrated.

With the exception of some completely-in-the-canal and very small open canal styles, most hearing aids and CIs can be (and most are) equipped with telecoils at the time of purchase.  Some hearing aids can be retrofitted with telecoils so if you don’t currently have them in yours, ask your
provider if they can be sent back to the factory to have telecoils added.

If your provider is not equipped to demonstrate induction loop technology, there are many who do have loops operating in their waiting or fitting rooms or are otherwise equipped to demonstrate this technology to you. See a list of them elsewhere on this web site.

To learn more about telecoils, go to this telecoil video.
and do I have them in my hearing aids ?