Please click on the boxes for the TOPICS you would most like to see presented in an upcoming chapter programCaptioned phones
Cell phones with hearing loss
Sign languate history , who, what, why>
Panel of mamily memberswho deal with someone with hearing loxs
Meniere's disease or vertigo
Traveling with hearing loss - planes, trains, cars
Disaster preparedness for people with hearing loss
How can I become an advocate at the state level?
Scheduling a date to go to a captioned movie together
How can I avoid being scammed when I am buying a hearing aid
OTC hearing aids - are they a real "thing"
What is a PSAP?
T-coild versus Bluetooth - are they the same or different? Why both?
Cochlear implants - can I? should I? how do I choose? - a panel of CI users
Using assistive technology at the theater
Loops - Who? Shwat? Where? Why?
Joint meeting with another HLAA chapter from Santa Fe (Party!)
Learing what to say to advocate for myself
Hearing aids and music - is there hope"
Lipreading (speech reading)
ADA protections for people with hearing loss
Services and equipment available from the state
History and mission of HLAA
Rap session - let's talk about what's on YOUR minds
Listening - why it's lost and how to regain the skill
Smart phone apps for hearing loss
Holiday stress from hearing loss - coping strategies
Vocational Rehabilitation - who are they and can they help me with my job?
Hearing dogs
A report from the HLAA convention
Hearing aid molds - from next to nothing to full ear occlusion - why do they matter?
National level advocacy in D.C. - what's the latest?
Hearing loss in the workplace
Sharing your hearing loss stories
Captioning devices at movie theaters
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Phone: (505) 219 1962

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (505) 219 1962

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