SoundPrint - iPhone App Instructions
  • Use the following illustrated instructions on how to use SoundPrint
  • Getting Started
Go to the App Store and search for 
SoundPrint.  Download and install the application - It is FREE.  When you install the app, allow the app to use your location so that it searches the venues around where you are located.

The icon looks like a fingerprint with an ear in the center.

Open the app.

The app opens with the SoundCheck page, with a menu at the bottom of the page.

Search is used to find sound level information and Yelp ratings for venues in your area.

SoundCheck is used to measure sound levels at the venue you are currently located and submitting the result to a data base to determine the average sound level for that venue.
  • Search
Search starts by finding your location and zooming in on your location on the map. 
Once the map has zoomed into your location, the sound levels for various venues around you are displayed. By spreading the display with 2 fingers, you can zoom in and see more detail.

Locations where the SoundPrint icon -     - is displayed instead of a number, there is not enough data to determine the sound levels.  The screen shot on the left is for a part of New York City

When you do this for Albuquerque, there are very few venues where the sound levels have been recorded.  THAT IS WHY WE NEED YOU TO HELP CROWD SOURCE THE DATA BY COLLECTING DATA WHEN YOU EAT OR DRINK OUT. You do that with the SoundCheck selection described in the next section.
Filter allows you to limit the search results by the Distance from your location and by the Sound Level of the venue.  

The back arrow at the top, left of the screen takes you back to the List or Map page, depending on how you got to the Filter page.
The List view show the names of the venues, the distance to the venues, the sound levels, and a link to View details. 

More about View details farther down the page.

There are 2 menu items at the top of this page: Filter and Map.

The Map selection takes you back to the map view described above

The Filter selection is described next.
​When you select View details in the Map view or the List view, the iPhone goes to a details page. The name of the venue is shown and the location of the venue is shown on a map.  The details include the measured sound level, a qualitative description of the sound level, the number of SoundChecks used in the sound level value, the address, the phone number, and a 1 to 5 star rating from Yelp, with the number of Yelp reviews.

The arrow at the top, left of the page returns you to the previous page.

There are 2 menu items: Add a Comment and Add a SoundCheck

The procedure for adding a SoundCheck is covered in the following section
By Tapping the sound level for a specific venue, you open a banner at the bottom of the screen with the name of the venue, the distance to the venue, the sound level, and a View details link to another page.  More about the View details page at the bottom of the this section on Search.

There are 2 menu items at the top of the Map page: Filter and Filter.

The List view is described next.
  • Sound Check - We need everyone to do this
SoundCheck starts with this screen. Request the people with you to refrain from talking for the duration the measurement. People talking near the iPhone will result in a reading that is higher than the actual environment.  Plan on recording noise levels for at least 15 seconds.  Hold or place the phone in a representative location.

Press the Start button.
SoundCheck displays the instantaneous sound levels along with the maximum (MAX) level and a running average (AVG) level.  The qualitative noise level is also displayed

Press the Stop button when the running average (AVG) is not changing significantly and not less than 15 seconds after you started collecting the sound levels.
​If you think that you have a valid measurement, tap Submit. 

If you want to retry the measurement, tap Cancel and start over.
​A list of venues near you will appear.  Since the list is based on the Yelp data base (over 50 million venues) and the iPhone is very accurate at measuring location, your venue should be at the top of the list. 

If it is not one of the one listed on the screen, you can search.  But it is likely you are dining or drinking in the Twilight Zone if you have to do this.

Once you have selected your venue where you took the measurement so the selection is high lighted, tap Submit. 

If you want to retry the measurement, tap Cancel and start over.
​SoundPrint thanks you.  Everyone that wants to eat and drink in a quiet venue thanks you
  • Settings.
The Settings Menu
The Decibel Guidelines and Tips Screen from the settings menu helps to understand the icons and nomenclature used in describing sound level.
​The Settings menu is accessed by tapping the gear icon in the upper, right had corner of the screen.