There are hundreds of conscientious, caring professionals in New Mexico who provide hearing care to those with hearing loss.  On occasion there are misunderstandings with clients and on some rare occasions there may be an Audiolgist or Hearing Aid Specialist who provides less than the best service to a client.

Audiologists and Hearing Aid Specialists who dispense hearing aids in New Mexico must have a valid license issued by the state's licensing department.  If you question whether an individual is licensed in New Mexico, click on this link to the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department web site where you can look up the license information on individuals. 

If you have a complaint against an Audiologist or Hearing Aid Specialist, click on this link to read the rules and regulations they must abide by to obtain and/or renew a license to practice in New Mexico.

To find out the procedure for filing a complaint click on this link.

To file a complaint, you can downoad and/or print the form for filing a complaint by clicking on this link.

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