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since 9/28/2013
Amazon has a way for you to donate to the Albuquerque Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America everytime you make a purchase of most of the products from Amazon - at NO COST TO YOU!  To make this happen for you, use the following procedure.

1.  Log into  (instead of . 
2.  Log into your Amazon account.  You have to have one to buy products on Amazon.

3.  A dialog box will be displayed that asks you to select a charity. Select "Search" and enter:  Hearing Loss Association of America - Albuquerque Chapter .

4. When this charity is displayed, ignore the fact that it shows a Corrales address - this address is displayed because of the way that our nonprofit status with the IRS was set up.  Click the "Select"

5. Then drag the “” button to your favorites or bookmark bar/folder. 

From that point on, ALWAYS log into to purchase from amazon.  This is still Amazon with the same products and company and deals and prime, etc.  But when you purchase most products on the website, 0.5% of the purchase price is automatically donated to HLAA - Albuqerque Chapter - serving people with hearing loss.  There is no cost to you when you do this.

If you just log into the website, there is no donation made on your behalf. ALWAYS log into