New Bylaws for the Hearing Loss Association of America Albuquerque Chapter
Our bylaws have been updated by the Board of Trustees, but before they can take effect, the members need to vote on the changes. We will hold a vote at our meeting on Saturday October 21. If you would like a hard copy mailed to you, please call the chapter phone number, 505-219-1962, and leave a message with your name and address, and we will mail you a copy ASAP. A summary of the changes are at the end of the document, to give you an idea of what changed:
Hearing Loss Association Of Albuquerque
  Revised Bylaws – TBD 2017 

Article I. Name and Location
The name of this Chapter is Hearing Loss Association of America, Albuquerque Chapter in agreement with Articles of Incorporation updated on April 25, 2006 with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission. The location of the Chapter serves the Greater Albuquerque area in New Mexico. 
Article II. Purpose
The Chapter is a volunteer nonsectarian educational organization devoted to fulfilling the HLAA Mission: to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss by providing information, education, support and advocacy. The Chapter pledges to work for the betterment of people with hearing loss.

Article III. Membership
The sole requirement for membership in the Chapter shall be a genuine desire to learn and help people or their families who have hearing loss. Attendance at meetings does not require paid membership, although membership is encouraged. 
1.Attendees may speak and debate during discussions at meetings. Only members in good standing whose dues are current may vote on issues brought before the membership.
2.The Annual Chapter Dues will be an amount determined by the Board of Directors and approved by a two/thirds (2/3) vote of those members present at a Chapter meeting when the vote is announced at least one week before the meeting. 
3.Chapter dues are due annually on January 1 of each calendar year and be considered delinquent if not paid by June 1 of that year.
4.The privilege of holding office, being a convention delegate, and other advantages, are also contingent upon being a member of Hearing Loss Association of America in addition to membership in the Chapter.
5.Honorary Membership. The members of the Board of Directors may elect distinguished citizens as Honorary Members of The Chapter. An Honorary Member shall not have voting privileges or the privilege of holding an office in the Chapter or The National Organization.

Article IV. The Chapter
Meetings, Quorums, Voting, The Publication
1.The Chapter will hold meetings from September through June. Chapter meetings are not routinely held in July or August.
2.Location and dates for Chapter meetings will be determined by the Board of Directors. 
3.Members will be notified of meeting dates, times, and topics no less than a week prior to the Chapter meeting. 
4.At least twelve (12) members shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business at any Chapter Meeting. Each member who is current on dues has one vote.
5.If a special meeting is needed, it shall be called by the Chapter President or any member of the Board of Directors with a minimum of 3 days’ notice prior to the meeting.
6.The publication of The Chapter is titled WIRED FOR SOUND, shall be prepared by the Second Vice President – Publicity/Newsletter, and shall be mailed or otherwise distributed to the membership for delivery approximately one (1) week prior to each membership meeting.

Article V. The Officers
Qualifications: officers must agree to communication via email. A one-week deadline is expected when a vote or feedback is requested. Officers must be current members of HLAA and Chapter dues must be current. Officers must be able to attend Board of Directors meetings typically held monthly in the evening – usually two weeks prior to chapter meetings. 

The officers of Hearing Loss Association of Albuquerque shall be:
2.First Vice President – Program Chairperson; 
3.Second Vice President – Publicity/Newsletter; 
6.Membership Chair 
7.Hospitality Chair,

Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of Chapter members for a term of one (1) year. An election of officers shall be held annually in May, prior to the Annual Meeting in June, when newly-elected officers shall be installed. The term of each office shall be effective upon adjournment of June meeting. Officers shall serve no more than four (4) consecutive terms in any office except for:
1.The newsletter editor (Second Vice President) may serve additional terms as editor of the Chapter Newsletter - WIRED FOR SOUND, 
2.The Treasurer may serve additional terms if he/she is agreeable to continue in that position. 

Duties of Officers.
The President
1.The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of The Chapter, shall have general charge of the business affairs and property of The Chapter in its general operation, shall do and perform other duties as may be approved by the Board of Directors and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
2.Shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and ensure Chapter meetings are led by a member of the Board of Directors. 
3.Shall, upon approval of the Board of Directors, appoint a chairperson to any Committee not chaired by an officer. If a chairperson so requests, the President may also assist in the selection of other committee members, except for the Nominating Committee.
4.The President shall report to the members on the meetings of the Board of Directors, and shall submit recommendations and proposals of the Board to the membership and request action on any business that the membership is required to resolve.

First Vice President – Program Chairperson
1.Shall be responsible for programs for the meetings.
2.During the absence or disability of the President, the First Vice President may exercise all the functions of the President and, when so acting, shall have general charge of the business affairs and property of The Chapter and shall be responsible for the execution of the policies and programs of the Board and for the affairs of The Chapter until a new president can be voted into office.
3.He/she shall also perform other duties as may be approved by the Board.
4.He/she shall also perform the duties of the President when the President is unable to perform such duties.

The Second Vice President – Publicity/Newsletter
1.Shall be responsible for providing and presenting a favorable image of Hearing Loss Association of Albuquerque to potential members and the community through various venues available in the area.
2.He/she shall gather material for the newsletter, oversee the writing, assembly and distribution of the newsletter. 

The Secretary
1.Shall take notes of all The Chapter meetings, meetings of the Board of Directors, and shall write and distribute to the Board the minutes prior to the next meeting of the Board. At a minimum, a record of any votes or decisions made during Board meetings. 
2.Shall assist with correspondence of The Chapter as requested by the President.
3.Maintain records of any electronic voting so results can be included in next minutes.

The Treasurer
1.Shall, at the first meeting of the Board of Directors for the fiscal year; submit an Annual Financial Report and a Proposed Budget for The Chapter for the new fiscal year. Said Proposed Budget shall be prepared by the current Treasurer and the President and shall be presented to the Board for revision and/or approval.
2.Shall keep full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements of The Chapter.
3.Shall have custody of all The Chapter’s funds, and shall be bonded at the discretion of the Board.
4.Shall make a regular Financial Report, to date, on all moneys of The Chapter at each meeting of the Board of Directors.
5.Shall prepare and submit to the Board of Directors a Financial Report of The Chapter in the event there is a new Treasurer taking office.
6.Will submit financial reports to HLAA national office yearly as requested and keep regulatory reporting up to date with the State
7.Is responsible for submitting tax returns to the IRS as required.  

Membership Committee Chair
1.This committee will keep track of the membership and the actual status of individual members, oversee membership renewal efforts and organize membership drives. 
2.This committee also maintains the Chapter's database.

Hospitality Chair
1.Shall chair a committee that will arrange for refreshments and greeters at the regular member meetings as needed.
2.Refreshments may be provided and served as appropriate. 
3.The greeters shall be responsible to distribute name tags, welcome guests, provide guests with guest name tags and request that guests fill out information cards so they can be added to The Chapter’s mailing list as appropriate.

Article VI. The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of the Chapter shall be comprised of the elected officers namely President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair and the Hospitality Chair. A Past President and no more than three (3) Directors, one of whom should be a hearing loss professional are also desired members of the Board of Directors. Each member of the Board shall have one vote.
1.The Board, unless otherwise agreed, shall meet two (2) weeks prior to any regular membership meeting to discuss business as shall be brought before the Board.
2.A simple majority of sitting officers and directors shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business at any Board of Directors meeting.
3.When necessary an electronic vote may be needed from the board. The email rules of one week will be enforced for the responses. The results will be considered valid with a simple majority of sitting officers and directors. The secretary will be responsible for recording the vote and attaching to the next minutes.  
4.Each member of the Board must be current with Chapter and HLAA National Membership Dues and be a member in good standing of the Hearing Loss Association of America during her/his Board Term. 
5.If a Board Member has three unexcused absences, she/he shall be subject to termination by a majority Board vote. 
6.The Board of Directors has the discretion with the consensus of the board to reassign duties to other members of the board, Committee chairs or Chapter member as needed because of vacancies or better fit with skills and experience. For example, Publicity could be separated from the duties of the Second Vice President who is the newsletter editor. 
7.Wherever possible one of the board members or a separate individual is assigned as a Parliamentarian and attends the Board meetings and oversees meeting conduct according to agreed upon rules of order.

Article VII. Standing Committees
The Standing Committees of The Chapter shall be Program, Membership, Hospitality, Library/Resource, Political Action and Nominating. Except for the Program, Membership and Hospitality Committees, the chair of each committee shall be appointed by the President with the consent of the Board of Directors and the Chair of the committee shall select the rest of the committee members.
1.Program Committee: This committee shall be chaired by the First Vice President and other members selected by him/her. They will seek out or develop programs applicable to understanding and dealing with hearing loss. On occasion, a meeting will be devoted to a social event.  
2.Membership: This committee will keep track of the membership and the actual status of individual members, oversee membership renewal efforts and organize membership drives. This committee is also charged, with maintenance of the Chapter's database and email distribution lists.
3.Hospitality: The Chair of this committee shall ask for volunteers from the membership to assist the chair in providing refreshments, assigning greeters and helping with name tags and asking visitors to sign in. 
4.Library/Resource: The Librarian/Resource Manager is responsible for maintaining a supply of informational materials and displaying them at Chapter meetings. The Manager shall also be the contact person when a request comes to The Chapter for information on topics for which we have printed or other material.
5.Political Action: The Chair of this committee and not more than two (2) other members of The Chapter shall work (with Board approval) with legislative and other political and civic entities for the creation of legislation and policies that further the concerns and address the needs of persons with hearing loss and in support of legislative action requests from HLAA national office. 
6.Nominating: The nominating committee shall always be composed of one of the Directors who is not an officer, and two individuals drawn from the general membership with the total committee size not to exceed three (3) people. The Nominating Committee is charged with ongoing responsibility to become acquainted with the members. The purpose is to identify and encourage potential leadership. The process for nominating members for election are described below. 
7.Additional efforts that represent the Chapter may be created as needed. Examples of these include; a Social Media chair, Webmaster, Veterans Liaison, Restaurant Review Committee, Deaf Culture Center chapter representative and Loop New Mexico. These roles may represent the chapter in venues outside of chapter meetings, and as such are accountable to the Board. This accountability requires that regular communication be made with the board in the form of monthly or periodic reports to be shared at Board of Directors meetings to ensure that the messages being shared are consistent with the mission of the Chapter and that Board members are informed and up to date with their activities. 

Article VIII. Nominations and Elections
1.The Nominating Committee shall submit a written slate of nominees for each Chapter office, together with the qualifications of each nominee. Ideally there will be one (1) or more nominees for each office and the slate of nominees shall be submitted to the membership at the regular membership meeting held one (1) month prior to the Annual Election in May.
2.A nominee for office shall have been a Chapter member at least one (1) year and shall be in good standing as a member of Hearing Loss Association of America.
3.Any qualified member who has been approached, and who has consented to nomination, may be nominated for an office when the President calls for nominations from the floor. This may be done immediately following the presentation of the slate by the Nominating Committee one (1) month before the Election, or it may be done immediately preceding the Election.
4.Directors serve one-year terms, beginning immediately following the June meeting and have no term limits. Each Director is subject to a simple majority vote in favor from Board officers in the May Board Meeting prior to taking office. They may be reappointed to the Board by a simple Board majority vote at the May Board Meeting.
5.Voting by proxy is not permitted.
6.If there is more than one (1) nominee for office, the election shall be by written ballot.
7.Officers shall be elected by majority vote of the membership at the regular meeting in May and their terms of office shall take effect after being installed at the Annual meeting in June.

Article IX. Governance and Rules of Order
The Chapter shall be governed by 
These Bylaws which are aligned with HLAA. 
HLAA National organization.
The Chapter shall use any available edition of “Robert’s Rules of Order” as its authority.
If a Parliamentarian is present their responsibility is to ensure the governance is followed. 

Article X. Amendments to the Bylaws
Amendments to The Chapter Bylaws may be proposed by a motion of any member at any regular meeting. If the motion is seconded and passed, all members shall be notified in writing of the proposed amendment at least two (2) weeks prior to the next scheduled regular membership meeting, at which meeting a vote shall be taken on the proposed amendment. The approval of any amendment shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those present in favor at said scheduled meeting by members in good standing at said meeting.

Article XI. Financial
The fiscal year of The Chapter shall be from January 1 to December 31.
The Annual Financial Report shall be reviewed yearly as directed by the Board of Directors.
In the event The Chapter dissolves or ceases to function, any remaining funds and assets, after all financial obligations of The Chapter have been met, shall be given in total to the National Organization.

We hereby certify that the foregoing Bylaws have been adopted by the members
of the Hearing Loss Association of Albuquerque:

PRESIDENT _________________________________________________
  Mary M Clark

SECRETARY ________________________________________________
  Roberta (Bobbi) Rodriguez

Date: _______________________________________

Summary of changes to bylaws, August 2017:
• Updated language throughout
• Purpose – changed to match HLAA
• Functions – removed – to be used as basis of a new document
• Membership – updated definition of membership and reformatted
• Chapter – reformatted – content unchanged
• Duties of Officers – major updates to modernize and reformat. Changed:
◦ Added paragraph about privilege of holding office
◦ Added paragraph on qualifications of officers
◦ Role of president
◦ Added requirement for all Board members to be responsible for
timely use of email – when requested, a one-week deadline is ex-
pected for feedback or votes
◦ Added requirement for records of email votes to be kept and
recorded by secretary
◦ Added duties to treasurer – filings with regulatory agencies and tax-
◦ Used text instead of cross reference for duties of membership chair
• Board of Directors – reformatted and added ability to reassign duties as needed
• Standing Committees added significant new requirement for accountabili- ty for anyone acting in name of or representing the chapter – periodic or monthly reports will be required
• Rules of Order – added reference to Parliamentarian