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If you suffer from hearing loss,  with  HLAAbq  you can .........

• Make new friends who will help you learn to cope with your hearing loss,   allowing  you to enjoy a more full and productive life.

• Talk to people who have had a cochlear implant about their experience. You can meet people who have tried the newest technology in hearing aids and  will give you honest, unbiased answers about whether they benefited from them.

• You can learn from the experience of others about how to cope with your hearing loss and its impact on your work.

• Attend meetings where experts share their knowledge, teaching you about the many ways you can improve your communication with others.

• Learn all of this and much more, by joining the Hearing Loss Association of Albuquerque and attending our meetings.

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since 9/28/2013
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HLAA Abq Chapter Leaders  discuss support for people with hearing loss in New Mexico and Hearing Loop systems
"Adding Hearing Loops to Theaters" spot on Channel 4 News
HLAA Albuquerque Chapter Member Meeting
September 17, 2016

Planning for long-term health care
Clifford Gramer, a Financial Advisor at Morgan
Stanley, returns to educate us on ways to plan for long-
term care. It’s likely most of us will need it, and it’s
more expensive than you think We heard Cliff talk about Social Security last January. He’s been a Certified Financial Planner for over 10 years. His expertise is in retirement income planning, qualified plans & liability management. You can contact him at (505)889-2878 or Come hear this timely topic in a hard-of-hearing-friendly venue.

Socializing 9:30 am.   Presentation 10:00 am
The public is invited.
Los Altos Christian Church
11900 Haines Ave NE
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